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Light Craft Workshop 4X4 Fader ND Filter. 2-8 Stops ND.

Light Craft Workshop 4X4 Fader ND Filter im Verleih / Rent in München


Here is a little pre-NAB 2011 Quick Take on the new 4X4 Fader ND from Light Craft Workshop. This is not a new idea by any means, but they have added to the fader system with this new “A” and “B” filter set. I wanted to check the sharpness with and without the filter. It looked sharp to my eye. The two filters in the “Off” position added up to about two stops of neutral density. LCW claims that the set will let you dial in from two to eight stops of neutral denisity. We felt comfortable with about four added stops. This is a great tool to be used with a matte box. It is not cheap at around $475 for the set. Here is a rip from the LCW website.

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