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Hercules 2.0 Head

Kessler – Hercules 2.0 Head im Verleih / Rent in München


The Kessler “Hercules 2.0” Head is the new and improved version of our ultra strong, solid aluminum pan / tilt head. Originally designed specifically for use with our Kessler Crane®, the “Hercules 2.0” now has panning drag control and with an optional quick plate* is an excellent head to mount your camera to, when not using your crane. Mounts to your tripod using a 100mm levelable ball mount, 75mm fixed ring mount, or a flat mount. No quick plate is used to mount your crane to the “Hercules 2.0”, so you get an ultra stable connection.

The “Hercules 2.0” features our revolutionary Bio-Glide™ technology for extremely smooth pan and tilt movement and spring assisted drag control. Tilt can be pin locked, so the “Hercules 2.0” functions as a Fluid Swivel™. Also has a positionable handle, built-in bullseye level and the Kessler Lifetime Warranty. Utilizing our Bio-Glide™ technology and unrivaled 150 lbs weight capacity, the “Hercules 2.0” out performs the normal fluid heads, but still maintains an affordable price tag.

See the K-Pod™ Packages page, for various bundle options, that include the Hercules 2.0 head and K-Pod System™ tripod.

*Optional Quick Plate to mount a camera is not included, and must be purchased separately, if needed.

Can I mount the Hercules 2.0 Head to my non-Kessler tripod legs?

*With its 100mm levelable ball, the Hercules 2.0 Head can be mounted to tripod legs with a 100mm bowl.


*With its 75mm fixed ring mount, the Hercules 2.0 Head can be mounted to tripod legs with a 75mm bowl. The leveling will need to be done with the tripod legs. The reason being is that a 75mm ball/bowl system does not have enough surface area to accommodate the clamping force of heavier rigs such as a slider.




Technical Specs
– Bio-Glide™ technology for pan / tilt movement that is smoother than a typical “fluid” head.
– Locking pan & tilt drag control.
– Vertical pin lock. Locks out vertical tilt, so head can be used like a Fluid Swivel™.
– Adjustable handle.
– Built-in bullseye level.
– Mounts to tripod with 100mm ball or 75mm ring.
– Optional quick plate available for direct camera to head mounting.
– Unrivaled weight capacity of 150 lbs. (68 kg)

Weight: 7 lbs. (3.18 kg)


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