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BMW – Motorsport Webspecial 2009 – KERS

BMW Sauber F1 Team KERS Special


Endkunde: BMW AG
Art: Produkt Visualisierung
Leistung: 3D, Animation, Compositing,
Launch: 2009
Partner: Phase 4 GmbH




BMW started KERS development with Forschung und Technik GmbH, which is a 100% BMW owned research and technology arm, in mid-2007 and have announced their system ‘race ready’. BMW tested a range of different solutions and analyzed electric, mechanical, hydraulic and even pneumatic systems. After several months of research, it was clear that only an electric system would deliver the required energy, while at the same time combining maximum safety and, above all, the lowest possible weight. In the BMW KERS system the batteries are housed in the side pods for cooling and the control unit is fitted in the right hand side pod.

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